pH Strips – 100 Count Vial


Our pH strip 100 count vial is a quick, handy way to identify the pH of new or spent liquids (descalers). It is an integral part of the descaling process as it can quickly identify if the descaling liquid is still active for further descaling, or can identify when it has reached appropriate pH for disposal. With the easy color coded system, it can tell you where on the pH scale your descaling solution is.


Plastic pH Indicator Strips – Our pH strips change color depending on the pH – the acidity, neutrality, or alkalinity – of a liquid, in our case Descaler.

  • Easy-to-use — simply dip the strip in the solution to be tested and match to the color chart immediately. (Waiting can change the color of the indicator and is not recommended.)
  • Single color match with full 0.5 in. (1.27cm) matching area for a quick and accurate match.
  • Flip-top vial stays closed when dropped, but is easy to open with one-hand.
  • Sturdy vial keeps strips safe from the elements.


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